Health Coach - first session £85 - 1h; follow up sessions £70 - 1h; protocol review £80.

I'm a Nutritionist Coach and a Macrobiotics expert, who can support you take care about yourself through nutrition.


Chronic illness is growing at alarming rate. Even with the massive amounts of organic food being cultivated now, even with the awareness about removing processed foods from our diets, even with the newest healing modalities, sickness is present like never before.

We are up against toxic heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, solvents, petroleum-based products, and other modern-day chemical warfare that's subliminally part of our everyday lives.

High fat diets don't allow for the natural processes of detox. When the liver is sluggish from fat, the heart must pump harder. A fat-filled bloodstream also minimises oxygen, allowing pathogens to thrive. Plus toxins enter the excess fat cells, which then accumulate around organs once someone reaches the age when they can't spend two hours a day exercising like they used to and when keeping processed foods out ins't enough to keep a spare tire from developing around the waist.

Epidemic liver sluggish is happening, so slow metabolism and hormones take the blame instead of a high-fat diet over too many years.


There are different reasons why people experience burnout.

1. Toxic heavy metals

Toxic heavy metals are a factor, varying regions of the brain can quicken somebody's burnout, because when metals are saturating neurons, electrical impulses burn hotter and more inconsistently, neurotransmitters become weakened and diminished, and electrical activity in the brain can be strained, making it harder for one person to complete a task in the time frame another person may be able to do it.

2. Viral infections

There are over 60 varieties of Epstein- Barr virus (EBV) and/ or one or more of the over 30 varieties of shingles virus and/or cytomegalovirus or other viral strains are lying deep inside their liver, creating neurotoxins as waste and releasing them into the bloodstream, and from there inflaming nerves and creating mild neurological fatigue. This can quicken somebody's fatigue response when they 're doing a lot of work or even a lot of play. 

3. Emotional injury

Previous experiences such as betrayal, broken heart, breakup, divorce, broken trust or loss, or maybe losing a job, can create tremendous amount of stress in life and burnout can happen a lot faster. These memories and experiences remain deep in the brain, emerging easily from day-to-day triggers.

4. Mix

Someone can also have multiple burnout factors contributing at once. For example, they could have some low-grade viral activity brewing that's creating a hypothyroid issue at the same time they have low adrenals at the same time they have low adrenals at the same time they have sluggish, stagnant liver that's led to a diagnosis anywhere from small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) all the way to Lyme disease and beyond. And then on top of it, someone could have some toxic heavy metals such as mercury, aluminium, and copper inside their liver and brain while they are going through a lot emotionally and also working very hard to sustain themselves financially and provide the resources thy and their loved ones need.

5. Living with someone who's under constant stress and duress, creating a situation that's weakening your energy reserves as it takes up what we call "brain space". This alone can create a case of burnout and acidity in the body, followed by sluggish liver.

6. Putting in too many hours, whether on a creative job you feel passionate about or the one not fulfilling you.

7. No sleeping enough to recover from the hard work and not taking enough supplementation

Trouble makers that are object of a cleanse diet, protocol/s and supplements

  • Virus and Viral Waste Matter
  • Toxic heavy metals 
  • Pharmaceuticals 
  • Chemicals, chemtrails and food chemicals
  • Petrochemicals
  • Troublemaker foods
  • Toxic adrenaline from emotional traumas
  • Radiation

Empower yourself

Realise that your symptom, condition, illness, or disease is not your fault, and not your body's fault. Become empowered to follow your healing process!

When detoxing and to help protect your health  - avoid the following trouble makers

Level 1: eggs, dairy, gluten, soft drinks, salt (in large amounts)

Level 2: pork, tuna and corn

Level 3: industrial food oils, soya, lamb, fish and seafood (other than salmon, trout and sardines)

Level 4: vinegar, fermented foods, caffeine and chocolate

Level 5: grains, all oils

Level 6: spices, radical fats, alcohol, artificial flavors, yeast, citric acid, aspartame, artificial sweeteners, mono-sodium glutamate (MSG), formaldehyde, preservatives


Based on your health status, we'll assess together the support needed to reset your body with the adequate detox, emotional support, diet, supplements and health issues support