Soma Records - first session £120 - 1.5h; follow up sessions £90 - 1h

  • FIRST SESSION: £120 (1.5h)
  • FOLLOW UP SESSIONS: £90 (1h)


We create our present by either desiring and/or fearing it. Previous experiences can be full of both pleasant and unpleasant emotions, and their impact on us, can create unconscious attachments. Emotions resulting from events such as bullying, unhealthy relationships and financial issues, can be anchored into our system, holding us back.

There are experiences that we live through in this life, which impact us and are difficult to forget. There are also experiences, from our past lives, unbeknownst to us causing affliction. The reality is that we live different life experiences, and each time we incarnate, we define our life by our choices and perceptions, that are conditioned consciously or unconsciously by the attachments we have from past experiences. The attachments are all those experiences that we did not allow to go and that persuade us to achieve our goals. These attachments affect us also at all levels, organically, emotionally, mentally and energetically. Specially because our choices are depending on our emotional state, beliefs, agreements and much more than we made in the past. Soma sessions support recognising and releasing the attachment to the memories whenever they happen. Releasing unconscious attachments, provides us structure and better understanding about what we live, and how we really want to live, becoming more responsible and proactive in building a new reality.


Soma's objective is to provide support to learn to manage emotions and to identify how we can change our lives through seven fundamental aspects.

Soma's objective is to provide support to learn to manage emotions and to identify how we can change our lives through seven fundamental aspects:
1. Know yourself and understand who that is.2. Detaching from the beliefs of your family, social expectations, past trauma, as well as what you understand as mistakes and failures.3. Take care from excessive self-demand, by changing internal dialogue into a supportive process.4. Thinking big, while setting pragmatic goals and objectives to support your self-esteem during your journey.5. Nurture the will to self-motivate.6. Work on your self respect, allowing you to develop your assertiveness, saying yes when you mean yes, and no when you mean no.7. Developing empathy and emotional intelligence, to put yourself in another's place while expressing your emotions.8. Developing optimism: happiness is not what happens to us, but what we interpret as happening to us.



Unpleasant feelings and experiences, left unresolved over a long period of time, generate a lot of pressure on us.

Many people release their anguish through comfort food, sex, meaningless relationships, alcoholism, high risk sports, etc;  to avoid facing what they are really feeling.When we stop moving forward and are chained to our past experiences, we can promote negative thinking and unhappiness. The stress of living unhappily, under negative thinking releases cortisol into our system, which causes inflammation.If this happens constantly, cortisol rises chronically, starting to affect us in two ways:

  •  Physically (hair loss, swallowing problems, intestinal problems, infections, migraines, paresthesias, tachycardia and much more).
  •  Psychologically (changes in sleep pattern, memory lapses, irritability (reduced blood level in the left side of the brain affecting decision making, depression).

Soma can support us to identify the negative inner voice, helps to develop awareness and personal autonomy, to let go of what is not needed. Breaking up the patterns, attachments, unhappy emotions and beliefs from previous experiences, help us to create space to live positively and healthily.


We cannot change what we lived in the past, but we can understand why we lived and release the emotions and attachments from the trauma.

Through soma sessions, we identify what is the issue that is holding you back and from there, we move into the process:

 1. We work with the nervous system and hormonal system, that are still in the active status, since the body recognise a hazards and keeps it active. 

2. We work with the ego - family group, since this is a strong pattern that makes you perceive and live the life as if you would never have left home. 

3. We work on the mother and father attachment from this timeline, and the space or non space you have in your family 

4. We work on the ancestors attachments 

5. We work on the past lifes

The order to work with different aspects will depend the individual, and this will be assessed before every session starts. 

When attachments are released, we can start working on the new. There will be a period where at this stage you may feel a bit insecure, not knowing what you want and what to do. This is completely normal, because you were completely conditioned. What I can assure it will happen as well is that you'll identify what you don't like or want to do at all, even though it seems good for you or is a good idea.

 Working with your higher self and purpose energetically and discussing the alternatives during the process, will help you to toach the sense of feeling more yourself and for the new to come.